4) Presenting your Earth Protectors Defence in Court

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So, you have been arrested, charged…

and your prosecution date
in a criminal court has been set.

As an Earth Protector
you will find on the website…

an Explanatory Note about the five
documents that will assist you. They are:

(1) your Earth Protectors
Trust Fund document,

(2) your Blockchain certificate,

(3) your Earth Protectors
Statement of Conscience,

(4) your Earth Protectors
Harm and Submissions Dossier

and (5) the Continuity of Exhibits
Witness Statement.

As a conscientious protector,
you are seeking justice.

This can only occur
when there has been a proper examination…

of the evidence of the serious harm
you have sought to prevent.

These documents are designed
to supplement your defence…

and assist you,
your lawyers and the court.

To the documents:

your Earth Protectors Trust Fund document.

This is your document
which you will have received by email.

Also attached
to your confirmation email…

will have been
your Blockchain certificate.

Print both these documents
and save your email for your records.

Because you are a Trustee of the
Earth Protectors Trust Fund…

you can present your signed document
to the court and it must be given due weight.

The court cannot ignore it.

So this is your opportunity
to speak as an Earth Protector.

Next is your Earth Protectors
Statement of Conscience.

This is for you to download and complete.

This will greatly assist your lawyers
so that they can make sure…

you are presented in court
with all facts to hand.

Fourthly is your Earth Protectors
Harm and Submissions Dossier.

This is for you, with the aid of your community
that is facing ecocide,

to set out the evidence
of what the serious harm is.

Now this document
requires a bit of work to prepare.

Reach out to your community;

you will find that much
of what you require will be there.

And fifthly and finally is the
Continuity of Exhibits Witness Statement.

This is signed by me.

This statement
will be required by the court…

so that the provenance of the exhibits
are established and presented to the court.

My statement sets out the process…

by which the Earth Protectors Trust Fund
was created,

apostilled and
subsequently presented.

Attached is the list of countries…

that have apostilled
the Earth Protectors Trust Fund document.

The Earth Protectors Trust Fund document
has been apostilled,

which means legally verified,
in virtually every jurisdiction in the world.

So whether or not you are appearing
in a court in another country…

or in your own home country,
your Earth Protectors Trust Fund

carries the weight of being accepted
as a legal document.

What I suggest you do,
is print out all of these documents,

read the Explanatory Note
and watch this video again.

That way each document
should be easy to follow through.

Good luck – and keep us posted.

We shall be reporting the outcomes,

so that conscientious protectors elsewhere
can do the same.


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Posted on 04/02/2020

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