Ecocide is a crime against Humanity – Polly Higgins/Greta Thunberg

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Greta raises awareness about Climate Breakdown: “Our house is on fire!”

Polly offers a solution: International Ecocide Law

a law to turn Ecocide into an international crime against humanity  (by the International court of Justice). Ecocide is the large scale destruction of our Earth, nature or climate.
Official website: (EN)
StopEcocide Nederland:
Español: Protectores de la Tierra

Video transcription

Greta: Our house is on Fire!
Polly: Our house needs an Ecocide Law!

25 April 2020
Global Climate Strike 5!

This ongoing inaction…

…of people in power…

…and the companies responsible…

…will in the future, no doubt,

…be remembered…

…as a crime against humanity.

We are legally advising

…to become an international crime
at the International Criminal Court.

ECOCIDE is: the extensive damage,
destruction to or loss of ecosystems.

Existing law does not go far enough
in terms of stopping serious harm,

….ecological harm and climatic harm.
We are talking about criminal law here,

…so you’re looking at CEO’s,
directors, ministers, heads of state…

…who can be held to account
within an international criminal court.

We will make sure that…

…they will not get away
with it any longer!

Government and corporate individuals
are recklessly disregarding…

…their ecological
and climate responsibilities.

As a lawyer
I know there is a missing crime!

To criminalize serious harm to our Earth
is to make Ecocide a crime.

(( it’s a crime against humanity ))

It is a crime
that shall protect communities…

…from the worst excesses
of ecological and climate ecocide.

Putting this crime in place
is a game changer on a global scale.

And it will take all those who care
to make it happen.

As a lawyer I have spent years
mastering my brief, asking…

“How can we best safeguard our Earth?”

Now I have created an
Earth Protectors Trust Fund.

The campaign that we put in place
is to invite people to actually…

…put money into our
Earth Protectors Trust Fund…

…to help fund
taking ecocide law forward.

That document means that
you are now signed up…

…as a Trustee of the Earth and you can use
that in court as documentary evidence…

…to show that you are not just saying
that you are a conscientious protector.

That document itself
is cogent evidence to say:

“I am seeking to have the law changed
to protect the Earth.”

…to prevent what could be
the most catastrophic disaster of our time.

more info at:

Join Global Climate Strike 5
24 April 2020


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Posted on 03/02/2020

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