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Ivor Cummins compares a great number of undeniable, official statistics from many countries. They show that the Wuhan-flu (made known as Covid-19) is as seasonal as any flu and that neither lockdowns or masks make any difference, other than destroying human society and happiness.

In fact, the WHO itself did NOT recommend lockdowns, due to very low quality of evidence, until october 2019, but then they inexplicably changed their policy.

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Reasonable doubt:
WHO?Pandemic?Vaccines?New Normal?WHY?Enough!Freedom♥

  • The WHO itself officially did “NOT recommend quarantaines”, until october 2019. Then they changed their policy, possibly pressured by China according to Cummins.


See also these Covid Survival rates from American Frontline Doctors (AFD)

CDC Covid survival rates
and AFD recommendations for this experimental mRNA shot.

  • under 20: 99,997 %
    mRNA experiment absolutely prohibited
  • 20 – 49: 99,98 %
    mRNA experiment srongly discouraged
  • 50 – 69: 99,50 %
    mRNA experiment srongly discouraged
  • over 70: near 95 %
    mRNA experiment not ideal



Original description from Ivor Cummins at utube

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Reasonable doubt: WHO?Pandemic?Vaccines?New Normal?WHY?Enough!Freedom♥

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Posted on 04/03/2021

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