Free Speech for the internet, Birgitta Jóndóttir – short video

(subtitles DE, EN, ES, IT, NL)

Birgitta Jónsdóttir on freedom of speech on the internet.

The internet is
the last remaining free world.

Let’s make this last free world stay free.

The biggest issue right now…

What I am seeing is that freedom of information
is degrading, very quickly.

Particularly in Europe,
because we’re not aware of it, but…

news that we would assume are online
are no longer online,

because there are international law firms
that roam around the internet…

and do modern book burnings by demanding
that stories are taken out of our historic records…

in relation to big corportations
and corrupt politicians.

And I think it is very important
to be aware of that.

But I think it’s also the climate
for people becoming aware of that…

they’re actually… they are “content”.

And the information about them online is just
as sacred as the information about them off line.

People have to make themselves
aware of it because…

governments and corporations look at us
as merely consumers but not citizens.

And this is something we have to demand.
The same rights on and off line.

Since the internet has become so integrated
into our modern lives…

then we have to realize, that
if we don’t have freedom of information on line…

it’s not gonna be freedom of information
or expression off line.

I just want you to be aware of
that there is a very serious attack…

on freedom of information,
on freedom of speech and expression.

So just remember
it is always darkest before dawn.



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Posted on 17/02/2020

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