The crime of ecocide – Polly Higgins, StopEcocide (EN►EN/ES/IT/DE/NL)

The Crime of Ecocide (destruction of nature, climate and planet)
Polly Higgins (1968 – 2019)

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Video transcription

We are legally advising
on Ecocide crime…

…to become an international crime
at the International Criminal Court.

ECOCIDE is: the extensive damage, destruction to
or loss of ecosystems.

Existing law does not go far enough
in terms of stopping serious harm,

…ecological harm and climatic harm.
We’re talking about criminal law here,

…so you’re looking at CEOs, directors
ministers, heads of state,

…who can be held to account within
an International Criminal Court.

We launched in December 2018
an independent preliminary examination…

…into the activities of shell, one of the
top fossil fuel companies in the world…

…that’s generating
the most amount of carbon emissions.

The knowledge has been there for
a number of decades, right across the board…

…and yet these industries
continued regardless.

The campaign that we put in place
is to invite people to actually put money into…

…our Earth Protectors trust fund…

…to help fund taking ecocide law forward.

That document means that you
are now signed up…

as a Trustee of the Earth and you can use
that in court as documentary evidence…

…to show that you are not just saying
that you are a conscientious protector.

That document itself is
cogent evidence to say:

“I am seeking to have the law changed
to protect the Earth.”

In a way what we are doing is
we’re realigning law with higher law…

and natural law says: “first do no harm”,
and that’s really what Ecocide law is all about.

It’s a ‘first do no harm’ principle
that underpins it…

…to prevent what could be
the most catastrophic desaster of our time.

Polly Higgins –
07/04/1968 – 21/04/2019 ♥

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Posted on 15/01/2020

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