HydroxyChloroQuine HCQ has been curing people since 65 years

HydroxyChloroQuine HCQ has been curing people since 65 years all over the world.
The problem? It works, it’s cheap and it’s safe…
Dr. Lisa Coche is just one of thousands of  doctors that supports HCQ.

It’s been FDA approved for 65 years,

we give it to babies,
we give it to children

we give it to pregnant women,
we give it to nursing mothers

we give it to the elderly and we give it
to the immune compromised.

Those last two categories
take this medication for decades.

There’s never apretense
that it’s not safe.

That’s the drug that you’ve been hearing
about for nine months now, ten months…

telling you it’s unsafe.

It’s an incredible lie
of incredible proportions.

Dr. Simone Gold, American Frontline Doctors.

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More doctors all over the world agree with Dr. Coche, Dr. Gold and the American Frontline Doctors.


The Lancet

Learning from a retraction
The publication and subsequent retraction1, 2 in June, 2020, of the Article Hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine with or without a macrolide for treatment of COVID-19: a multinational registry analysis, based on an alleged dataset associated with Surgisphere, prompted us to examine The Lancet’s peer-review processes to identify ways of further reducing risks of research and publication misconduct.

Retraction and republication
A recent Lancet Article by Mandeep Mehra and colleagues, which reported adverse events associated with hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine treatment in patients with COVID-19, has been retracted by three of the authors,1 along with our linked Comment that provided a commentary on the Article and its findings,2 because the veracity of the data underlying this observational study could not be assured by the study authors. Subsequently, an article that used data from the same Surgisphere database, and which was authored by some of the same individuals, was retracted from the New England Journal of Medicine.




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Posted on 22/02/2021

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