En este momento estás viendo WPUF tryout several EDITS…

WPUF tryout several EDITS…

Checking a WPUF edit error from scratch

  1. Create page
  2. Go edit, do this give edit errors??
  3. First edit, no change except this text – update… GOOD
  4. Second edit, change Featured Image – update… GOOD
  5. Third edit… dangerous maybe – change title… update – GOOD!!
  6. Adding conclusion text to excerpt – update… GOOD!!
  7. Add tags – update… GOOD!
    added CSS for tag-dropdown background .ac_results { background-color: whitesmoke;}
  8. Change category (from “tryout” to “wordpress”) – update… GOOD!!
  9. but when going to edit again and update, without changes I got THE error* again…
    now editing from backend (this point 9)… I hope works out – update… WRONG!!
    (preview page worked, but going to the page (new window) itself NOT: the error*)
  10. still on backend edit page changed category back to tryout – update… GOOD!!
  11. the page was found again and also getting back in WPUF edit (point 10 and 11) – update… GOOD!!
  12. YES! mistery apparently solved then. Conclusion 2!

*The page is not redirecting correctly
An error occurred during a connection to wordpress.riccardo.is.
Sometimes this problem can be caused by disabling or refusing cookies.
[Try again]


It seems some errors I ran into have to do with editing pages that were NOT originally created through WPUF but through WP backend itself… Maybe they should not appear in my Dashboard (even if users suposedly will not ever enter in backend, but you never know).

Conclusion (2)

Now some (URL) redirecting problem seems to appear when changing the category. Strangely not the first time, directly after editing, but when you come back to editing and then update again. Then some error occurs in turning back to the page. Probably some caracter that is interpreted wrong.
Maybe it’s associated with empty line jumps (maybe not always but surely after a (un)ordered list) that also disappear (get wrongly interpreted), not the first time when you update and go to the page, but when come back to edit again, that’s where something seems to go wrong.

Enough for now!


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