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Frontend post with Lightbox!

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(manually added: edit page)

WordPress general question: why aren’t the most simple and logical things frequently not just standard and default???

Frontend content/post creation

WP User Frontend (WPUF)
The form is really perfect!! (documentation)
but there are quite some “not good enoughs” though:

  1. Why all the “register/login” stuff again?
    It keeps me kicking out of being logged in. And then why to the WP login form instead of the site login page? (I tried various configurations)
    How to just use WP default, standard register/login system, please?
    (OK, believe I managed to make it stop bothering)
  2. Where is the expected EDIT button on the page itself?
    Now it’s only possible to edit going first to WPUF dashboard or manually include edit link. (tried various configurations)
    Override the default edit button is not good, it becomes ALWAYS overridden, not just WPUF posts.
    An edit link DOES appear on the edit page itself… doesn’t make sense
  3. Inline images do NOT automatically have a lightbox. Stupid!
    Do we really need yet another plugin for that? Not good!
    (checked configurations – now confirmed by support)
    Using Simple Lightbox for now (others to check)
  4. Too bad you can only upload new images and not select existing images from (personal) gallery with “Insert Photo” button for inline images.

Let’s put some images here:

the Fibonacci spiral (again!!!)

and the galaxy spiral (again as well! ;))

Image lightboxes (and well yeah, galleries if they come along)

Responsive Lightbox & Gallery (RLG)
absolute NOGO:

  1. Only ONE image on the page seems to opens up in lightbox…
    Shouldn’t all images on the same page become one gallery with previous and next (circular) arrows or sliding? (checked various configurations)

Simple Lightbox

  1. YES!!!!!! Opens all inline images in lightbox as gallery! (not featured)
  2.  unfortunately not the video link… (but that’s overcomable, mabye css?)
    oh yes, add-on

BTW, checking video lightbox too!

  • video link
    – RLG opens lightbox (prettyfoto, not checked all settings)
  • direct video url
    – RLG shows video inline, does not open lightbox

Other User Frontend blog/content/post plugins

Other image(/video) lightbox/gallery plugins

  • !!!!

More large and total (apparently…)

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