The COVID Vaccine Is Here And So Are Potential Side Effects.

Censored by GooTube, and mirrored here as well as many other places.
In this report, Spiro examines some of the possible adverse events of the rushed Covid-19 experimental “vaccine”, that now is being given to humans worldwide. According to many (also censored and silenced) professionals and experts this injection is still in an experimental stage because it has not been fully tested according to vaccine testing standards. Not in the last place, because nobody has a clue about its long term effects, obviously. Not a year, let alone five years. Nobody would buy a car under these conditions and yet, inexplicably, a great number of people do seem to accept it for the future of their health and the health of others.

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Credits to Spiro and more information on his website:

Reasonable Doubt:
WHO?Pandemic?Vaccines?New Normal? – WHY?ENOUGH!

Video transcript

Welcome everyone, I’m Spiro,
thanks for tuning in.

The UK and Russia have both begun
their mass covid vaccination campaigns…

and it won’t be long from now
until the experimental shot…

is deployed in your town.

In Australia they have cancelled
a Covid vaccine trial over…

“unexpected false positives for HIV”.

I’d like to clarify right now that
I’m not a doctor, I’m not a scientist…

I’m not an epidemiologist
or a virologist.

And neither is Bill Gates
for that matter.

I have been researching vaccines and
interviewing doctors about them for years…

and I will continue to bring
doctors and experts on this show.

But at the end of the day I am not here
to tell you what to think or what to do…

and I’m certainly no expert
and I have zero financial incentives…

as I do not make one cent
from any of my work here.

That’s by choice and…

it actually costs me time and money
but I prefer it that way.

My job is to offer
an alternative perspective…

that you’ll likely never see or hear
from Mainstream Media.

Mostly because they are often
funded and sponsored…

by the same pharmaceutical companies
that we’re gonna talk about today.

The media and politicians
would like you to believe that…

things will get back to normal
if you just simply comply.

Comply with the mass mandates.

Obey the curfews and lockdowns…

and roll up your sleeve
when the vaccines arrive.

While at the same time
telling you that…

even after, if and when you do
receive the experimental covid shot,

you will still need to wear your mask,
socially distance and self isolate.

They’ve been telling us things will
never go back to the way they were before…

and that this is the “new normal”.

I am not anti-science,
I’m not anti-vaccine.

I choose not to take any
myself personally,

but no doubt I’ll be labeled as such,
which is fine.

I believe that people
should be able to decide…

what’s best for themselves
and their families.

And people should never
be forced or required…

to undergo any medial procedure
for any reason.

It’s called informed consent
and they actually had trials about this,

the Nuremberg trials, where Nazis were
tried and convicted for human rights violations.

But it’s not just the human rights
or religious aspects that concern me…

and they do,
it’s also the safety aspect.

And there are many examples
throughout history like the polio vaccine…

that was contaminated
with the simian virus 40 or SV40…

that was administered to
98 million people in the US…

who were later found
to have an increase…

in cancer rates,
according to this study.

There are many other examples
like the 1976 swine-flu vaccine…

that injured thousands
and killed hundreds of people.

This led to the dismissal of the
then acting CDC director.

Dr. Michael Hattwick directed
the surveillance team…

for the swine-flu program at the CDC.

His job was to find out
what possible complications could arise…

from taking the shot and to report
his findings to those in charge.

Did you know ahead of time dr. Hattwick,

that there had been case reports…

of neurological disorders,
neurological illness…

apparently associated with
the injection of influenza vaccine?


– You did?
– Yes.

– How did you know that?
– By review of the literature.

So you told your superiors, the man in charge
of the swine-flu immunization program…

about the possibility
of neurological disorders?


What would you say if I told you
that your superiors say…

that you never told them about the
possibility of neurological complications?

That’s nonsense.

I can’t believe that they would say
that they did not know…

that there were neurological illnesses
associated with influenza vaccination.

That simply is not true,
we did know that.

But let’s use 2020 as our example.

It was just released
on the 8th of december,

The FDA briefing document titled:

“Vaccines and Related Biological Products
Advisory Committee Meeting.”

It’s dated december 10th
and it focuses on…

the brand new, experimental
Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine.

On page 41 we find…

under the “Serious Adverse Events”:

Two vaccines and four placebos
out of the 43 and a half thousand…

enrolled participants died…

during the Pfizer Covid vaccine trial
between april and november of 2020.

Both vaccine recipients were
over the age of 55.

One experienced a cardiac arrest
62 days after vaccination #2…

and died three days later.

And the other died from arteriosclerosis
three days after vaccination #1.

This information is not being reported
in the Mainstream Media (MSM).

Honestly I don’t trust the media…

or the pharmaceutical companies
and the vaccine manifuacturers.

Just based on their history
and track record alone.

Pfizer for example has a lengthy
criminal record which has payed out…

billions of dollars in damages for crimes
including safety violations, corruption,

bribery and false claims.

I’m honored to stand here today
with dedicated colleagues…

from within the justice department
as well as beyond it…

to announce a historic settlement
with Pfizer incorporated…

a pharmaceutical manufacturer
and its subsidiary…

Pharmacy and Upjohn company.

Arising out of civil
and criminal allegations…

relating to Pfizer’s allegedly
illegal promotion of various drugs,

most notably Bextra.

In a combination civil
and criminal settlement…

Pfizer has agreed to pay
2.3 billion dollars,

the largest health care fraud settlement
in the history of the department of justice.

But is anyone surprised
that they get away with this?

Especially when you consider that the
pharmaceuticals/health products industry…

spends the most on lobbying in DC.

More than military-industrial complex,
more than oil and gas,

more than the insurance industry,
spending billions of dollars over decades.

And, of course, they receive large funding
from people like Bill Gates.

Another reason I am
vaccine hesitant, as they say,

is because of the manner in which
these clinical trials are being conducted.

Not only have these trials
been fast-tracked like never before,

justified by the alleged pandemic…

which has a 99+ percent survival rate
if you’re under the age of 70.

The scope of the trials
was very narrow.

For example, two NHS workers who received
the experimental vaccine on day one…

reported severe allergic reaction
on day two,

prompting the NHRA which is the UK’s
equivalent of the american FDA…

to issue a warning that people
who have a history of quote:

“Significant allergic reactions to
medicines, vaccines or even food…

to avoid taking the vaccine.”

Pregnant women and children
have also been warned not to take the shot.

Now, how did they not know this
prior to approving the vaccine…

to tens of millions of people,
you might ask.

That’s because they admit
that the study missed it.

And did not detect
potential allergic reactions.

So, what else did the study miss?

Only time will tell as the mass vaccination
campaigns have only just begun…

and the general population
will be the guinea pigs for a vaccine,

that we are told,
is 95 percent effective.

NBC’s Lester Holt recently asked the CEO
of Pfizer a very important question.

He asked, will those who have taken
the vaccine be able to transmit…

the Covid infection to other people?

And what about the question Albert of
“even though I’ve had the protection…

am I still able
to transmit it to other people?”

I think this is something
that needs to be examined.

We are not certain about that
right now with what we know.

As you just witnessed for yourself
the CEO of Pfizer stated that…

they have no idea whether or not
their vaccine will prevent transmission.

But hey, it’s 95 % effective, right?

Because they said so.

Effective at what exactly, I’m not sure.

They also admit they have no idea
how the vaccine will interact…

with other drugs or medicines
that people may be taking.

This is extremely concerning
considering how many people,

especially here in the US, are on
so many different types of medications.

People even take additional medications
to treat the side effects…

of the medications
they’re already on.

It’s madness!

But hey, 95 % effective!

And then there is fertility.

The study screened all female participants
of child bearing potential…

and excluded any woman
that was pregnant.

Which is a good thing, right?

You don’t want to experiment
on a pregnant woman.

But everyone else is ok.

This means they have no idea
what the impact…

of this experimental vaccine
will have on fertility.

And they openly admit this
and even advice those…

who may be or may become pregnant
to avoid taking the shot.

It was just reported that 4 Pfizer vaccine
volunteers developed Bell’s palsy.

Bell’s palsy is a condition that…

causes a weakness or paralysis
of the muscles in the face.

The condition causes one side of your face
to droop or become stiff.

But hey, 95% effective.

Now it’s not uncommon for people
to experience adverse events,

as they are called, from vaccines.

In fact USA today
published a report titled:

“Side effects from
the Covid-19 vaccine means…

‘your body responded the way
it’s supposed to’ experts say.”

Gotta love those experts!

They admit most people
will experience side effects…

and most of the adverse events
are likely to take place…

after the second dose.

And that the long-term effects
are still unknown…

and will likely remain unknown…

until millions of people
have received the vaccine.

This USA Today report
is concerning to me…

because it appears they’re trying
to normalize vaccine injuries.

But I guess it is a factual headline
because you would think…

that people’s immune systems
would react negatively…

if a foreign substance
filled with potentially harmful ingredients…

was injected directly
into their blood stream…

bypassing the body’s
natural immune system…

which mainly relies
on the digestive system.

Again, I’m not a doctor.

Just exercising some common sense
and a little bit of skepticism here.

Something that the media and the
politicians are severely lacking,

but, hey, they have
all the money in the world.

So, maybe you experience some kind
of a medical condition…

after receiving the vaccine
and, hey, it’s just a coincidence.

You can’t rule that out.

Here is a clip from my good friend
Richie Allen on his radio program.

Pharmacal epidemiologist Stephen Evans
and he spoke today…

to Sky News presenter Collin Brazier
professor Steven Evans.

This is really important,
have a listen.

I think you have to try and get people
to listen to the evidence.

And the clear evidence
we have here…

is that there are no serious
adverse effects to this vaccine.

And so we’re going to see
over the coming days and weeks…

we will have reports of deaths
following the vaccination…

will be strokes,
will be heart attacks…

because we’re vaccinating
a very vulnerable population.

That’s why we’re doing it.

Because they are at risk of
dying from Covid-19.

But sadly they are also at risk
of dying from other things.

So one of the key things
will be getting people’s understanding…

that lots of these adverse effects
are merely coincidence.

There will be strokes,
there will be heart attacks.

Because we are vaccinating
a very vulnerable population.

This is truly bombshell stuff.

Very key that we get people
to accept and understand….

that the adverse effects
they are going to see…

in the coming weeks
are coincident!

For those who’ve been asking…

Richie hasn’t been uploading
to YT because he has been unable to…

as they have placed him in a time-out
they’ve put a restriction on his account…

after he received his second strike.

I’m pretty sure that Richie
may be done with YT for good,

but you can always hear his show
monday to friday on Podamatic…


Not to worry, government regulators
like the FDA have seen this coming, right?

These potential side effects.

In fact hey held a virtual conference
in conjunction with the CDC…

and pretty much everyone else in october,
complete with a slideshow presentation.

The meeting consisted of
the best and the brightest…

from the FDA, the CDC, HHS,
dozens of doctors.

It was a huge conference call.

Now, they detailed surveillance plans
that they have in place…

to closely monitor every individual
who has received….

the experimental covid vaccine
over the next two years.

This is for your safety of course.

One of the slides
in the presentation…

illustrated potential side effects
from the covid vaccine…

that they believe could possibly occur.

Keep in mind,
this slide clearly states that…

this is a working draft
of possible vaccine injuries…

and is subject to change.

Now this means that some of the
possible side effects may be removed.

And maybe some
could be added.

Other potential side effects,

now this may sound
as one of those tv commercials…

that you hear
in between news segments, but:

oher potential side effects
for the 95% effective covid vaccine…

for a virus with a 99+ percent
survival rate may include:

convulsions, seizures, strokes, narcolepsy,
auto immune disease, death…

pregnancy and birth outcomes,
Guillain-Barré syndrome which is…

a debilitating neurological disease
that is potentially fatal.

Here is some quotes from this meeting.

And then this is really just a list…

of the safety outcomes
that we’re thinking about…

doing for our rapid cycle analysis.

It’s not all inclusive…

some may be excluded.

We’re gonna prioritize the list
and then make determinations…

about which ones to include

But this really gives you
a sort of a flavor for the types of

adverse events we’re thinking about.

And these are really drawn
from lists of people like…

we partnered with CDC
’cause CDC has a prioritized list..

as well as SAPI
and other organizations,

so we’ve drawn from all those lists
to develop our own working plan.

So our planned activities
for covid are…

near real time
sequential monitoring,

Rapid Cycle Analysis,

Monitoring for vaccine-mediated
enhanced disease,

Studies to evaluate Covid-19
vaccine safety during pregnancy,

including fetal death
and infant outcomes,

tree-temporal scan data mining…

and other projects
as you see below.

Next slide.

This is a preliminary list of our
VSD pre-specified outcomes for RCA.

It’s very similar if not identical
to the one Dr. Andersen showed you…

and this is because we are
regularly coordinating and developing…

our list of pre-specified outcomes.

This is a preliminary list
of VAERS AEs of special interest.

The ones highlighted in blue there are
advers events of special interest…

that we will clinically review…

and we will be analyzing those
in a separate data base…

where we’re abstracting reports
and accompanying medical records

where available.

So where has the flu gone
during all of this?

According to the CDC
reported flu hospitalizations…

are too low at this time
to generate an estimate.

And according to this study,
published on october 1st 2020…

there is a positive association
between Covid-19 deaths

and influenza vaccination rates
in elderly people world wide.

We are currently
in flu season right now…

but if the flu numbers
are virtually non existent,

meaning they’re to low
to be measured by the CDC,

it begs the question:

are the flu cases being counted as covid
to keep this charade going?

As Dr. Mercola points out:

If the WHO did not change
the definitions of a pandemic…

Covid-19 would no longer be an issue.

This definition was changed in the month
leading up to the 2009 swine flu pandemic.

The WHO removed the severity and
high mortality criteria…

leaving the definition of a pandemic as:

“A worldwide epidemic of disease.”

This is how Covid-19 is still promoted
as a pandemic…

even though it has caused
no excess mortality in nine months.

In 1976 fear of an impending swine flu
pandemic led to the deployment…

of a fast-tracked vaccine that
injured thousands…

and killed at least 300.

In the end the pandemic
never materialized.

David J Sencer was dismissed
as director of the CDC…

over his controversial decision
to vaccinate the nation…

against swine flu in 1976.

We’ve been down this road before,
not long ago.

We were lied to then
and we are being lied to now.

Big Pharma, the government and the media
are doing everything they can…

to keep you locked down,
in a state of fear…

over a virus with a 99+ percent
survival rate,

to convince you to take
an experimental vaccine…

they themselves admit
could have a wide range of side effects…

including death.

And nobody knows
what the long term effects will be.

Please do your research
before you subject yourself…

to any medical procedure.

One of the most important things
that we need to be looking at…

and applying pressure to our law makers
to anyone we can, is…

I think we need to remove
the liability exemption…

that these vaccine manufacturers
were granted by congress.

They should be 100% liable
for their products.

If they harm or hurt or kill people…

it should be the manufacturers on the hook
not the taxpayers…

through the national vaccine injury
compensation fund program…

where we the tax payers have payed out
over 4 billion dollars to people…

who have been injured by vaccines.

I hope you found this report useful
there is so much more to cover…

that we will take a look at it
in future reports.

Stay tuned for more interviews.

I have some coming up
that I’m very excited about.

I’m Spiro.
Thanks for watching.

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Posted on 17/12/2020

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