Robert F. Kennedy Jr. reflects on his father’s assassination. (7 min docu clip)


Some background information on Robert F. Kennedy Jr. so one can put him in ‘context’.
His father Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) was the brother of the worldly famous US president John F. Kennedy (JFK) , who was killed Friday, November 22, 1963. Less known internationally is the fact that RFK also was killed, while he ran for US presicency (Democratic nomination),  on wednesday June 5, 1968.

Both the assassinations of the Kennedys coincide in the fact that the factual assassin is supposedly known, but who really was behind either of them is still surrounded by mistery. As Carslon Tucker says in 2018: “Well, believe it or not, the full release of all files related to the JFK assassination has been delayed yet again, this time until 2021.” And Al Jazeera wonders “Who killed Robert Kennedy?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. now runs Children’s Health Defense amongst other.


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Posted on 08/06/2020

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