mRNA vaccines dangers – Dolores Cahill and Alexandra Henrion-Caude (EN►EN/ES/IT/NL)

Dolores Cahill is a professor of Translational Science at University College, Dublin who was forced to resign from a scientific commission post because she disagreed with the lockdown and questioned the seriousness of this “virus.” Cahill explains why she would never take an experimental mRNA Covid-19 vaccine and why millions of people will die from organ failure months after receiving these injections. The deaths will be blamed on a “mutated” strain instead of the vaccines.

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Alexandra Henrion-Caude


This is a paper from I think 2012
in PlosOne.

Immunization with SARS Coronavirus Vaccines
leads to Pulmonary Immunopathology…

on challenge with the SARS virus.

The issue when you inject messenger RNA,
we’ll say…

if it had the protein from the virus
like the spike protein…

this positive RNA can go into our cells.

The spike protein from the virus
is expressed in our cells…

and maybe exposed to the immune system
when those cells die.

Then the body starts mounting
an immune response…

including an anti-body response.

Say that happens in December,

and people would start doing that
straight away within two or three weeks…

that process would start.

But if in february, march, april…

another corona virus
is circulating naturally in 2021…

that would be like a challenge
with the natural,

you know the SARS is
one of the natural Corona viruses,

or it could even be the common cold.

But what happened in this study
is that…

the animal models after being challenged
got very sick and that some of them died.

So the last line of the abstract said:

Caution in proceding to the application
of the SARS-Cov vaccine…

in humans is indicated.

And so the name for this thing
is Antibody Dependent Response…

or cytokine storm or immunopriming
or immune superpriming.

This is why there has been no vaccine
for decades licenced for Corona virus.

It’s because you get this issue
that the messenger RNA…

starts expressing the virus…

and then when it comes across
the natural circulating Corona virus,

could be a month a year
or two years down the road,

but then the people get very, very ill
very quickly with this cytokine storm.

And they also saw this
in a respiratory vaccine RSV.

If you look at half way down the paragraph,

most of the children who were given
this RSV vaccine, which had the same issue.

“Most of the children experienced
severe disease with infection…

that led to a high frequency
of hospitalizations…

and 2 children out of 35 died.”

And the conclusion from this was that:

“The disease was enhanced
by the prior vaccination.”

So what people need to know
with these RNA vaccines, is that…

after you’re vaccinated
for the rest of your life…

you will have much higher *** (cut off).

…death as in the children in this study
because you were vaccinated.

And why I came up with this
in may 2020 is that…

we, the people
may not make the connection…

and what we do not want is
that if there is significant deaths…

let’s say in february, march, april
next year…

that that is called
Covid-19 or Covid-21.

We will have to monitor
if the people who are dying,

and there is predictions
that’s why they are having the tender…

for large amounts of adverse events
from the vaccine,

is that, if there is increase deaths
it is well known…

and we don’t want those deaths
to be called Covid-19 or Covid-21.

They are this issue about vaccine
making people more sick…

and have a higher chance of death.

Not because of a circulating virus
but because of the vaccination.

Weeks or months ahead.

That’s all, thank you very much.

Dolores, can you just explain a bit more
what exactly is the Cytokine Storm?

Just so people understand.

The Cytokine Storm is…

this is well known
in many of the vaccinations.

So I will just give you…

these are slides that I prepared
for the interviews I did in May.

The Cytokine Storm is,

when you put RNA genes,
you know, mRNA…

or vaccine
injected into your body…

you bypass
all of the natural immune response,

which would build up
an immune response…

to prevent the vaccine
actually entering your body.

So that suddenly the mRNA
from the virus gets into your body…

and it uses the human machinery
in the cells…

to express the human proteins,

so that suddenly the virus
that has been injected into your body…

and then your immune system
sees the virus in your body…

as something that should not be there
and it mounts an immune response.

But the shocking thing is…

that normally you can get rid
of the virus particles.

It’s a slow thing
but when you’re injected…

this mRNA, why it’s so deadly,

is that now it goes into your genes
and starts expressing.

It starts stimulating the immune response
from inside your body…

and it litterally,
you can’t get rid of it

because the source of the viral protein,

you now become like a
genetically modified organism (GMO),

and your body is expressing
the virus protein.

And so, slowly your immune system
starts to try and get rid of it.

But your amounting this super,
beautiful, well…

exquisite anti-bodies to get rid of it.

But you never can because it’s now
part of who you are, it’s integrated.

And we now, the people getting this,
will become a GMO…

that will be making a virus protein
as well as the human ones.

So then when you naturally
come across the Corona virus…

or the RSV as these children did.

The virus you breath it in…

and it goes on to your mucosale system
and your bronchae.

Normally you would just get rid
of those virus particles…

you mount an immune response.

But what it does is…

because that one or two viruses
that you breath in…

will suddenly trigger
an anti-body response…

which normally happens
over two weeks.

But then suddenly the anti-body response
will now activate and realize…

oh my God, this viral protein
is in every cell of my body.

So then the anti-bodies
start attacking your cells and your organs.

What I’ve been saying since May is
what people will die is…

they will go into like septic shock…

and then they will go
into organ failure…

within three, four or five days…

and they will die,
if they don’t get vitamine C,

potentially, within seven to ten days.

So what I’ve been saying and helping
people get autopsies around the world,

is that we can distinguish
in an autopsy the difference.

So on the 19th of March 2020
the Public Health England declared…

that the Corona virus…

the causitive agent of Covid-19
was not highly infectious.

That was reported and is still there
on the Government web site.

So that means there is no reason
for autopsies not to be carried out.

In an autopsy you can distinguish
if you breath in a virus and you die…

and it’s a virus as a causive agent
of Covid-19 a pathologist could easily see…

the inflamation is in your lungs
and your bronchae.

But if it was to do with an adverse event
from a reaction…

all of your lungs will
equaly be inflamed.

So a pathologists can take material
from the whole lungs…

and distinguish an adverse reaction
from the influenza vaccine…

made on dog tissue with Corona.

So you can look
at the adverse reaction from that.

But if we now have deaths from
an adverse reaction to the Cytokine Storm…

is that people will have organ failure
and kidney failure.

So that autopsies will have to be done
on everybody who starts to die…

which have been vaccinated
in february, march and april.

Because we can clearly distinguish
between the Citokine Storm reaction…

where the immune system
starts to attack the organs.

If I can just share my screen to add up
on what you just said…

I think it will be important.

Iit is…

this paper that I’ve been
mentioning to you all…

as to the informed consent
to be disclosed…

to any vaccine trial subjects.

So any person who is currently
being vaccinated,

of the risks of Covid-19 vaccines,
worsening clinical disease.

So with this aspect
that Dolores just mentioned to you…

and with the fact that it is
even more complicated…

than Dolores made it,
simple for you all to understand,

given the response
of the CH2 lymphocytes…

that is a specific response
that take place in elderly.

So it is highly expected
that elderly people…

will be more at risk, actually,
of all the effects…

that we are putting in front
of you all, sharing with you.

So basically this article,
who was released October 28, 2020…

I really like the conclusion…

because the conclusion
leaves no place for interpretation.

It is an ethical aspect
that we should be raising.

The specific and significant
Covid-19 risk of ADE,

Antibody Dependant Enhancement,

should have been and should be
prominently and independently…

disclosed to research subjects
currently in vaccine trials…

as well as those being recruted
for the trials…

and future patients
after vaccine approval…

in order to meet the
medical ethic standards…

of patient comprehension
for informed consent.

This is really important.

There have been in the history
some courts who said…

oh, you knew enough
not to do what you have been doing.

I feel extremely concerned,

even though
it’s not my topic of expertise,

when I read that kind of conclusion…

and when I read
the literature that’s behind…

to raise that concern to the people.

Everyone needs to know
that they have bodily integrity…

and they have freedom
to decide…

whether or not they want
a medical intervention.

But also there’s a moral,
ethical and legal obligation…

on health professionals and scientists,
to ensure,

and regulators and politicians,

that people are not given interventions…

that cause them more harm than good.

And that they need to be fully informed.

That’s why the censoring
as we see…

in political debate and in newspapers
and on social media…

about the information
that people may…

actually have huge adverse events
and that’s because of this.

If this happens in march,
they will say…

why did doctors and scientists
not speak out,

now that we are being censored
and our reputations undermined.

So I agree with
what Alexandra is saying.

There is a huge issue
with these mRNA vaccines.

People need to know about it
and that’s what we’re trying to do.

So it’s great to have the opportunity
to speak with Alexandra today.

– Thank you Alexandra.
– Amazing!

Yeah, this is about being transparent really.

And now I’m really happy
if the “check”news…

will “fact-check” and all these things…

will get hold on what we’re sharing…

because, once again,
there is so much literature…

scientific literature that neither
Dolores nor I are responsible for.

It’s all out there.
You just need to do a bit of research.

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