mRNA Covid-19 shot is genetic engineering, not a vaccine.

Traditional “real” vaccines used weakened or dead natural virus cells or particles to trigger the human body’s natural immune response to this EXTERNAL attack. Once ‘trained’ on these weakened virus particles, it is supposed that the body then knows how to react to a real infection.

mRNA shots do not use natural virus particles, but artificially created RNA “messengers” in laboratory. Instead of being an EXTERNAL threat they go into all your cells and ‘explain’ what a possible virus looks like, and when and how to attack them (kind of). This intrinsically changes in fact your own cells INTERNALLY.
Problem is that on receiving a real natural virus attack it can now trigger an exagerated, ‘hysterical’ reaction from the immune system (ADE) and instead of only attacking the intruders it may get confused and also attack these changed cells of the body itself as an autoimmune reaction.

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Besides the patented monopolies, unreveiled additional mechanisms and possibly even strange cults that are behind this shot, it simply is toxic material that you just should not want to have in your body for the rest of your life. All those people telling how proud they are that they got this shot through in less than a year, are they also proud they have no possible idea about the negative and maybe deadly effects on terms longer than a year, like 2 years, 10 years, the next generation(s)? (eufemistically called “adverse events”)



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Posted on 01/02/2021

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