June 2009: WHO declares false pandemic – “The greatest scandal of the century” (ES►EN, ES, IT, NL)

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Short “Pandemic timeline”

April 2009 – the first case of swine flu/influenza A was declared in Mexico.
May 2009 – the WHO changed its original 2005 definition of  “Pandemic”, lowering its standard by removing the criterion for a high mortality rate.
June 2009 – the WHO now declares “Pandemic” for the N1H1 virus: the swine flu or influenza A.
This forces all countries in the world to spend billions to buy vaccines from Big Pharma for the whole population.
December 2009 – only a few months later, the pandemic proved to be unfounded, it was less than an ordinary flu. Most of the purchased vaccines were left unused and had to be thrown away or ‘placed’ in developing countries, with no clear objective.
March 2020 almost identical situation for Covid-19, with the main difference that the media is now deeply involved, although broadcasting a single one-sided message: that the situation is an emergency and that the only solution is to vaccinate everybody, even if many experts have completely dissenting opinions.

In fact both Dr. Germán Velazques (director at the WHO) and Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg (director EU commission of health) condemned the fact that commercial profit greatly influenced WHO’s decision in 2009. Now, 11 years later, those private commercial interests only have increased, exponentially!

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Posted on 03/09/2020

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