Modern society makes us feel lost – Dr. Gabor Mate

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Dr. Gabor Maté explains why so many people are lost in modern society: ALIENATION.
1 – Alienation from Nature
2 – Alienation from each other
3 – Alienation from our work
4 – Alienation from ourselves

Lockdown, masks and social distancing, AKA “New Normal”, only makes it worse
Long  before the Corona Crisis Dr. Gabor Maté already explained how we, homo sapiens, are social animals and that social isolation or distancing is not good for our mental health and as consequence not good for our physical health either.
To be healhty we need to see, talk, touch and be with each other. Many other psycologists, sociologists, biologists, philosophers and other experts have also expressed this basic human need.
In this video Dr. Maté warns about the fact that modern society makes people feel lost due to alienation from nature and from each other. This can lead to depression, anxiety and overall a worse health situation.
All measures proposed by the “new normal” only increases this feeling of alienation and makes the situation worse, as has clearly been demonstrated by the increase in suicides during confinement. Some take this as mere ‘collateral damage‘ as if it were another war like Iraq, others see it as one of the indications that the measures of the ‘new normal’ do more harm than good.


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Posted on 15/01/2020

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