Why Big Pharma and Bill Gates want NO liability over vaccines.

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Children’s Health Defense

Why are the top vaccine advocates in the world…

warning the public about
the unique and frighteing dangers…

…of the coronavirus vaccine?

Scientists first attempted coronavirus vaccines
after China’s 2002 SARS-CoV outbreak. Animals were given
the four most promising vaccines. The experiments seemed successful
when they developed robust antibodies. But when the animals were exposed
to wild coronavirus…

…the results were horrifying.

They suffered
hyper-immune responses…

…like whole body inflammation,

…lung infections…

and death.

Caution is in proceeding to application
of a SARS-CoV vaccine to humans is indicated. Researchers saw this same
“enhanced immune response”… …in the failed RSV vaccine test
50 years earlier. “Research shows why the 1960s
RSV shot sickened children”

Two children died.

# 1 Dr Peter Hotez Bayler University

One thing that we’re not hearing a lot about…

…is the unique potential safety problem
of coronavirus vaccines. With certain types of respiratory vaccines
you get immunized, …and when you get
actually exposed to the virus… …you get this kind of
paradoxical immune enhancement phenomenon. We started developing coronavirus vaccines,
and our colleagues… we noticed in laboratory animals that they started
to show some of the same immune pathology. So we said,
“Oh my God, this is going to be problematic.” # 2 Dr Paul Offit
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia “has concerns that when it comes
to the coronavirus vaccine…

…no one knows what they’re doing.”

We don’t really have any history of making
the coronavirus vaccine, so how are we going to make it? Is it going to be an mRNA vaccine, or a DNA vaccine,
a purified protein vaccine, a vector vaccine …

Nobody knows…

And certainly,
the FDA has got to regulate this product… …because right now everyone in the US would probably
take it in a second, even if it wasn’t tested.

Neutralizing antibodies = good

Binding antibodies = bad

Coronavirus vaccines make binding antibodies.

So, you have neutralizing antibodies,
and you have binding antibodies. You want to make sure that the quantity
of neutralizing antibodies that you have… …and the persistence of those antibodies
is much greater than the binding antibodies.

Because the binding antibodies can be dangerous!

…and cause something called
“Antibody Dependent Enhancement”. And we’ve seen that.
We saw that with the Dengue vaccine. But the dengue vaccine, in children
who had never been exposed to Dengue before, actually made them worse when they were
then exposed to the natural virus. Much worse. Vaccinated children, who were less than nine years of age,
who had never been exposed to Dengue before… were more likely to die if they’d been vaccinated
than if they hadn’t been vaccinated. # 3 Dr Anthony Fauci
National Institutes of Health (USA) haas decided to skip
testing his coronavirus vaccine on animals first… …despite knowing
the deadly outcomes that could occur… …when his human subjects
are exposed to the wild infection. The issue of security is something that
I want to make sure the American public understand. Safety is associated:
“Does the vaccine make you worse?” And there are diseases
in which you vaccinate someone… they get infected with what you are trying
to protect them with,

and you actually enhance the infection.

You can get a good feel for that
in animal models. So thatos conna be interspersed
a the same time that we’re testing… …we’re going to try and make sure
we don’t have enhancement.

The worst possible thing you could do:

is vaccinate somebody to prevent infection,
and actually make them worse. “45 heallthy volunteers set to take part
in first human trial of potential coronavirus vaccine.” # 4 Bill Gates
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is also funding
Fauci’s fast tracked vaccine. Here we clearly need a vaccine
that works in the upper age range…

…because they’re most at risk of that.

And doing that, so that you amp it up
so it works in older people,

…and yet, you don’t side effects.

Elderly people don’t respond
to children’s vaccines… …but stronger vaccines
are dangerous for children. You know, if we have
you know, 1 in 10.000 side effects… that’s, you know, way more, 700.000,
you know, people who will suffer from that. It is so likely that his new coronavirus vaccine
will kill people… …that he will not provide it
to foreign countries … …without complete immunity
from legal liability. On February 4, Anthony Fauci
quietly gave Gates’ corona vaccines… immunity in America
[= impossible to be held liable] “…to provide immunity for activities related
to medical countermeasures against COVID-19.” Rreally understanding the safety
at gigantic scale across all age ranges… you know, pregnant, male, female,
undernourished, existing co-morbidities…

it’s very, very hard.

And that actual decision of ok, let’s go
and give this vaccine to the entire world…

…governments will have to be involved…

…because there will be some risk,
and indemnification needed before that can be decided on.

Are you willing to take that risk?

Join the movement.



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