VACCINES The unauthorized truth | Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Del Bigtree – DayStar TV

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The unauthorized truth

Governments around the world have responded
in force to the Corona virus outbreak. There are now growing calls
for mandatory vaccinations. The danger with the corona virus vaccine is
Anthony Fauci is allowing these companies… …to skip animal trials
and to go directly to human trials.


And that’s exactly
what their describing says. They’re putting two
of the most dangerous words together, …in every article about this vaccine:
“rushing” and “science”.

What Gates has done is…

( he’s the second biggest giver
to the WHO after the US ) …with that 10%, that marginal 10%
have given him dictatorial control… …towards a kind of a central
preocupation with vaccines.


A year ago, I really started shouting
that the pharmaceutical industry is going… …to attempt to take over
the govermnents of the world. They’re the most powerful lobby in Washington
outspending oil and gas 2 to 1. “Oh, you’re a conspiracy theorist!”
This is no longer a theory, you have: Bill Gates, Tony Fauci, Deborah Birx,
the WHO saying we want to force vaccine… ….we want a vaccine
that everyone uses in the country.

We want to have real-ID.

We’re gonna track you to see
if you’ve had your vaccine with a microchip…

…[if not] you can’t travel.

They’re telling you we’ve got to shut this down
even though it really is only a flu.

They’re using it to terrify us, lock us down.

Is this the future we want, right?
That’s all we have to ask ourselves.

We should take that very, very seriously.

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